Mandate of the National Action Committee on AfCFTA

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

The committee’s mandate is coordinating all AfCFTA readiness interventions, monitoring the implementation of the Agreement as well as working towards its ratification. Consequently, the NAC-AFCFTA set up 14 Workstreams to drive the implementation of the Agreement and engage stakeholders across all sectors of the economy.

These Workstreams are broadly categorized into:

  • in Goods (Manufacturing, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, and Mining & Other Extractives).

  • Trade in Services (Communications and Digital Services, Financial Services and Investment Mobilization, Travel, Tourism and Creative Industries, and Transport and Business Services)

  • Trade Enablement (Non-Tariff Barriers Elimination, Power Services, Border Rules of Origin, Trade Facilitation, and Policies Regulation and Laws)

  • Export Market Development Workstream (cuts across both Trade in Goods and Trade in Services).

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