The Entrepreneurs Network- TEN(group)* is proposed as a platform to bring key Nigerian businesses and personalities together for the purposes of building greater synergies through sharing of experience, perspectives and information. With the recent founding of African Continental Free trade Area AfTCA , a platform of this nature has become imperative for Nigerian businesses in order take advantage of the AfCFTA which by projection is expected to boost intra-African trade by 52.3% once import duties and non-tariff barriers are eliminated. Additionally, AfCFTA is also expected to cover a GDP of $2.5 trillion market. 

The Entrepreneurs Network - TEN is purposed as a platform where business persons can interact with private and public stakeholders and promoters to share perspectives and carry on programs which can help position Nigerian businesses in a strong position with the African Market and avail beneficial investment opportunities , strengthen capacities, interact with policies framers and impact policies which may affect inter-African trade and investments.

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Arc. Baba Isimi