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Innovative Trade Counsel


We strengthen your capacity to PARTICIPATE IN AfCFTA.

Our vast experiences enable us consolidate credible institutions and eminent resource persons in achieving the laudable objective of strengthening African markets.

Short & Long Term Objective
Our long term objective is to convert the African continent from third World developing states to first World developed states. Our short term goal is to develop the criteria for prosperity in Africa.

Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of African entrepreneurs in utilizing the instruments of multilateral trade agreements such as the African Continental Free Trade Area, in respect to human capital development.

Our foremost priority is to ensure that, the citizens are the beneficiary of these agreements, as the states pursue mutual benefits, seeking meaningful cooperation, to ease the complexities of economic integration.




  • Adequate human capital for Africa’s sustainable economic development. 

  • Improved business communications amongst small and medium sized entrepreneurs in AfCFTA. 

  • Enhanced human resource capacity of organizations in coping with international trade.

  • Developed capacity of entrepreneurs in creating employment opportunities through trade expansions. 

Business Philosophy
To ensure the fabric of Africa's economy is neatly woven by its people. 

Strategic position
With foreign markets offering significant opportunities for Africa’s small businesses, we are positioned to direct clients to their markets within the AfCFTA, through our training programs and counseling assistance focused on helping entrepreneurs begin or expand their business interest across shores.

Our competence in International Market Research gives our clients the confidence they require in venturing into new markets. This is possible through our country and industry market analyses and export regulatory research. 

According to the United Nations Economic and Social Council's Economic Commission for Africa, only 10 percent of African countries trade with each other. In comparison, 40 percent of trade from North America is done with other North American countries. That figure rises to 63 percent when looking at trade between European Union countries


AfCFTA Blog.


The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN) is a platform for businesspersons playing vital roles within the private sector, with focus on developing their capacity to engage in African markets through the auspices of African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).


TEN aims to ensure sustainable growth of its members, to foster feasible trade relations with foreign partners.


TEN is mandated to create and protect an atmosphere for credibility, legitimacy and mutual benefits in all trade activities carried out by its members. The outcomes would ensure sustainable rise in demand for Nigerian made goods and services.


TEN would discuss as well as highlight avenues for improved cooperation between entrepreneurs within the AfCFTA.


TEN ensures that all initiatives recognize the essential role of private investment, both domestic and foreign in furthering growth, creating jobs, expanding trade, improving technology, and enhancing economic development.


TEN is obliged to recognize the labor policies of AfCFTA member states, as well as Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).

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